Looking back at all the work, all the days, all the chapters of our lives, are we are owed our retirement?  Do we need to grab all we can and head for the door?

And for all the seed sowing and field tending all those years, just what fruits shall we harvest?  And who will deliver them to our table?  

Yet, in review of our life, the lofty goals dreamed up in our youth which turned into long to-do lists which that keep getting added to for some “actually do-it-time” in the future

As we complete each milestone birthday those lists just move to “when I retire” or “before I die” wish lists. This website is devoted to those items on the list like travel, immediate family, housing, or rest, this site is devoted to recognizing what we can contribute to the world to pay it back for our time and resources we have enjoyed here.  This is bigger than planting a tree, this is about you sharing your thoughts on change for tomorrow.

This site, in it's creation, shall morph into a space which supports finding Pleasure Before Death through finding/identifying those things we really want to do which will bring us true pleasure.  We only have so much time to accomplish these things, and it is the realizing and doing that is the change we shall accomplish.

That being said, let's begin the dialogue. Use the “Contact Us Form” to be added to our list of writers and contributors.

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