Stay home and have fun

Here is an interesting article which talks about the changes couples go through to stay connected with their friends as the frugal economy reduces their ‘dinners and movies with friends’ routine.  It originally seemed easy to just invite people over, but when we did we discovered we needed something fun to do, not too serious, yet adult. Like we couldn’t play our kids game of Chutes and Ladders and I personally have had it up to here with Trivia.  It's the end of the week - can we relax and just have fun. 

That is the point here. How to have more fun today.  How to connect with our friends in new ways that fit the changing economy.  So this article pointed us towards games that would work when entertaining for an evening. A game which would have us laughing and still give us the connection and updating that we used to get when we went for dinner and a movie with other couples.

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