What works for me - a contemplation

What better time to reflect on the past and how you want to live the future than right now.  After all, another day 

Just what is the definition what "what works for you"? One of my friends pointed out that if he got up the next morning that was a sign he did something right the day before. Although that might be quite a humorous answer, it does not reflect on the truths of life that person might be avoiding. A brief story of "a monk and life's challenges" was told to me by Geoff LaPlace:

"I once considered studying to be a monk as I have great honor for their personal resolve and focus.  In researching this I relished the idea of going to a mountain top and living in a monastery living on oxygen and sunlight, resistant to all temptations of mankind as they thrived in the metropolis below. Ready to take the step and leave 'the land of temptation' I realized that if I were removed to the mountaintop retreat it would be much easier to actual avoid such temptations as they were not actually available for me to taste as I wasn't physically there to complete the act of indulgence. I then started to live my life in the world 'among the people' and 'among the temptations' thereby actively observing and contemplating what lay in front of me.".

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